The conception took place. The morning sickness occurred. The back pains, tears, and sleepless nights gave way for the growth that was transpiring inside. As I grew, so did my belly. Thus, I decided to write. I created music and channeled negative energy into something positive. I edited, changed my mind, scratched it, and started over. No matter how many times I stopped (9), I knew that this baby that I was carrying had to be delivered. Out of my belly, shall flow rivers of living waters...

There is something significant about nine (9). Nine is a sacred number and means completion and fulfillment. This month, number nine, is the month that I decided to birth to my EP, Higher. I've carried it long enough. I've nurtured it long enough, pouring my heart and soul into this project. Many hours and lots of money (as an independent artist) have been spent on this project. I've fought to make this happen. I gave up a few times; 9, to be exact. But the Light within told me to go forth and let the music do what it is designed to do. Sing the people up!

Today, on the 30th day of the ninth month, I am proud to say that my debut EP, Higher, has been birthed into this world and is available for your listening pleasure.



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