Seeing The Finishline

Have you ever felt like you have been running so long and cannot seem to find the finish line? You might think: Did somebody move the finish line? I could have sworn I started this race with a bunch of people, now it seems like I am the only one still running. My running shoes are starting to tear at the seam of the soles. What happened? Where is the end? How much longer do I need to keep running? 

The truth is, there is no finish line. This is not a race and the end is not near. However, this is only the beginning. 

When I started this project (officially in 2012), I figured that it would be a wham, bam, CD in hand in 1 year’s timing. Little did I know that the concepts for my first EP, which I would later decide to entitle Higher, were within my heart, but the songs had not actually been written yet. The songs had to be born. Life had to allow me to miscarriage some ideas, while giving birth to brand new ones. Life would have it that I would experience grief & loss, depression, anxiety, newness, joy, relief, setbacks, and then some breakthroughs before even completing Higher in totality.

I thought this was going to be a quick run. Little did I know that I was just embarking upon a journey that would challenge the very “Strength of (the) Woman” that was deep within. At times, life even felt like I was “Riding the Waves” and all I wanted to do was go home. I have cried some tears during this project. Now, I am "Feelin' So Good," but I had to find security and comfort in my piano, which is where I write 95% of my music. Thus, I began to write. I chose to be vulnerable. I wrote about my feelings. I wrote about my loved ones. I wrote about the challenges that I was facing and how it made me feel inadequate. But something within, something bigger than me was calling me to rise Higher! And here I am, no longer looking for the finished line, but determined to keep running.

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