Bio: The Sound of Whitney Jones

Whitney Jones, a Contemporary R&B/Soul artist, is a hands-on musician – writing, arranging, producing, and performing music that moves the soul. She first began to bloom as a classically trained pianist at the young age of five. By the time she reached the fifth grade, she was writing her own songs. After some years of sharing her talents in local talent shows and in the church, it was not long before she fully embraced her craft and decided to sing & work her way into Berklee College of Music where she earned a Bachelor Degree. 

As a one of a kind performing/recording artist, phenomenal vocalist, songwriter & producer, Whitney Jones, creates meaningful and soulful music to inspire your mind, uplift your soul, and make you groove your body! Whitney has honed her skills in several genres of music from Classical to Jazz & Blues to Funk, Rock, R&B, and Pop. Exploring various styles of music has served Whitney well and has landed her in many fulfilling studio and live performance situations. After college, Whitney became the first female bandleader to have a residency at the historic Wally's Jazz Cafe in Boston, MA. She has since toured as a background vocalist for world-renowned dance music queen, CeCe Peniston. Whitney co-wrote “Purple Funk”, a song by Mothers Favorite Child, on which CeCe is featured. This song has been rewarded a #2 Billboard Hot Singles Chart position. Additionally, Whitney was one of the supporting vocalist for TVOne’s Unsung production for R&B star, Adina Howard. In 2019, Whitney auditioned for and became apart of the roster of vocalists for Adam Blackstone's Bassic Black Entertainment. 

Whitney Jones is celebrating the fruits of her passion as her success continues to surge. However, if you ask her what it’s really all about, Whitney will tell you, “I want to give back. I have a passion for helping people. My purpose is to uplift, inspire, and empower people through music and entertainment, to kick fear out of their faces and walk in love.” She is a believer that life is experienced through music and to help others “walk that walk” through life with their head up, she is offering a chance to rise through the sounds of her music. “My music will become standards. I am affecting positive change in the world, starting with one song at a time,” says Whitney. 

Listeners should expect the flavors of Whitney's music to reveal the naked heart and soul of all of the struggles which have inspired her to bring the sounds to life. The songs featured on her debut EP, Higher, invite listeners to vibrate on a higher frequency; all while kicking fear in the face. Whitney's self-released music brings forth pure instrumentation with a pure intention and a sound that is designed to move people in every way possible. Whitney is currently finishing up her first full length album, entitled, Based On Reality, which is highly anticipated. Be prepared to listen with your soul and find inspiration!