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Whitney Jones

Artist | Vocalist| Songwriter | Producer

There is a vision, purpose, and destination for every artist. For some, the truth of this becomes evident through the art of sound. The sound of Whitney Jones, a performing/recording artist, musician, songwriter and producer has taken flight. With each song and performance, she takes audiences along for a higher journey. As a one of a kind vocalist, Whitney Jones, creates meaningful and soulful music to inspire your mind, uplift your soul, and make you groove your body. 

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, she is a musician who has honed her skills in writing, producing, and performing in several genres of music from Jazz to Pop to R&B and Funk. Exploring various styles of music has served Whitney well, landing her in many fulfilling studio and live performance situations such as opening for former Bad Boy R&B crooner, Carl Thomas, touring as a background vocalist for world-renowned Dance/House music queen, CeCe Peniston, and performing for 90s R&B star, Adina Howard's TV One Unsung production. Whitney co-wrote “Purple Funk”, a song by Mother's Favorite Child, on which CeCe is featured and has been rewarded with a #2 Billboard Hot Singles Chart position.

Whitney is now offering a chance for listeners to rise with her through the sounds of her music. Following her debut EP Higher, Whitney's highly anticipated album Based On Reality, is set to release in 2024. These songs bring forth pure instrumentation with a pure intention and a sound designed to move people in every way possible. Her music is hip yet classy; cathartic and thought-provoking, Whitney's voice will truly give you chills that touch your soul. Although she is celebrating the fruits of her passion as her success continues to surge, if you ask her what it’s really all about, Whitney will tell you, “I want to give back. I have a passion for helping people heal and return to self-love. My purpose is to uplift, inspire, and empower people to kick fear out of their faces and walk in love.”

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Whitney Jones

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Whitney Jones' debut EP "Higher" features original Contemporary R&B/Soul music that is sure to uplift, motivate, and groove you to a higher frequency!

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The Inspirational Journey of Whitney Jones

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